Sophie is not your typical Professional Organiser.

Everything she does is driven by her Vision to help people discover their Organised Sweet Spot and live life there. Her unique approach to organising and her extensive and diverse work history across public, private, NFP & self-employed sectors, spanning legal, administrative, professional services and retail reflects this.

Sophie’s respectful and innovative approaches to organising have helped even the most disorganised clients bring about much longed-for change in their homes, businesses and lifestyle. Sophie’s utmost concern is for the person she is working with, and ensuring they get their desired outcome.

Sophie started little miss sorted way back in 2008 and her many years’ experience saving struggling households, businesses and relationships from the personal, financial and emotional stress that disorganisation brings has taught her that most people need more than a simple quick fix. So, what does getting organised with Sophie look like? Well it’s almost always more than just a once-off visit to sort out your cupboards.

As a Professional Organiser, Executive Assistant-for-hire, Lifestyle & Productivity Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Life-Long Student of the World, Self-Employed, Work at Home, mum of four and just general all-round Life-Saver, Sophie understands that life is not linear for her or the people she works with. This forms the basis for the more in-depth and holistic approach she takes in understanding you, how you live and work and what your lifestyle and goals are, and then designing innovative and practical solutions with you firmly in the centre and the driving seat.

Sophie incorporates her knowledge and experience from creating and facilitating hundreds of kikki.K workshops teaching others practical and inspiring life skills, such as Vision & Goal Setting, Planning & Time Management, Organisation, Habits, Happiness and Mindfulness to design her tailored solutions that are as unique as you are and with flexibility to fit your time frame and budget.

Having designed and created beautiful and practical home and office spaces for the most discerning clients as well as being specially trained to assist people with Hoarding Disorder ensures Sophie is able to help you no matter where you fall on the organising scale.

So whether you need a little or a lot of hands-on Decluttering and Organising, Lifestyle and Productivity Coaching, Accountability, Executive Assistance or a mixture of all of these things, Sophie can help. If you just want some advice to make a start yourself, or some accountability to hit your goals, Sophie is there. Her experience and understanding of more complex organising situations and techniques, along with her friendly, down-to-earth nature, and flexible approach makes Sophie one of the most sought after Professional Organisers in Melbourne. She comes highly recommended by her industry peers as well as former and current clients, many who have worked with Sophie for years.

Sophie can work with you no matter where you live as many of her services can be conducted via video or telephone. Her hands-on service area covers the Bayside and Mornington Peninsula regions of Melbourne where she lives as well as the Inner Northern, and South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and parts of West and South Gippsland. Appointments are available 7 days a week and after hours for no extra charge and the best part is the first phone consultation is free!

Sophie also offers a limited number of memberships to her exclusive Executive Assistant Service to clients anywhere in Australia who need to free up their valuable time or fine tune their own personal efficiency and business systems on an ongoing basis. Read more about these services here, or just give Sophie a call to discuss your needs.

What have you got to lose? If you’re ready to get sorted, call now. Otherwise, head to the testimonials page to see what others have to say about working with Sophie.