What do you really want? For yourself, your space, your life?

That’s the question that drives everything I do. For myself and my clients.

Yes, I can organise your pantry, wardrobe, garage, help you move, create better systems… deal with whatever physical clutter you’ve got.

But physical clutter is usually just a symptom of something more going on which is why I’m more interested in you; helping you clear your mental clutter and discovering your vision for your space and life.

Because only when you figure that out, will you start to experience real and lasting change that actually makes a difference to the quality of your life.

And that’s what I’m all about.

I started little miss sorted in 2008 after realising I had outgrown my career as a Court Registrar. It wasn’t easy to let go of my professional identity, especially when I had gone to painstaking lengths to complete a Criminology degree and worked hard to get promoted to a senior level. But I had fallen out of love with it, and I was dying a little each day that I stayed, ignoring my truth.

So, I had to make a change.

And that was just the first of many areas of my life that I have slowly renovated over the years to create a life I love and live on purpose. Where I am wholly responsible for my situation and empowered to live life on my own terms. Where my choices are deliberate and fully aligned with who I am and what I value most.

And it’s my mission to show you how to do the same.

When you work with me you get the benefit of my 13+ years of practical organising expertise combined with all the knowledge I gained establishing the kikki.K Workshop Division. It’s a winning combination that is sure to help you find the physical and mental space you crave to live a life you love.

As both a Professional Organiser & Coach, my holistic approach in understanding you, how you live and work and what your lifestyle and goals are, allows me to design innovative and practical solutions with you firmly in the driver’s seat.

And having facilitated hundreds of workshops, designed and created beautiful and practical home and office spaces for the most discerning clients as well as being specially trained to assist people with Hoarding Disorder ensures I can help you no matter where you fall on the organising scale.

I offer 1:1 coaching, hands-on decluttering & organising services and an online community for people seeking support, clarity, and accountability to follow through on their goals and live life with more intention and flow.

Contact me if you’re ready to get sorted. Or head to the testimonials page to see what others have to say about working with me.