In a somewhat ironic twist, I offer a wide range of life-changing services. I really must declutter them one day…

I’ve listed some below to give you an indication of the suprisingly small investment it takes to literally transform you and your space. I’m also happy to quote in suitable instances… just ask! 

Bookings are available 7 days a week and outside business hours for no extra charge 

Initial Phone Consultation

Ask any questions you have and suss me out to see if I’m the right Organiser for you. I promise I won’t be offended if you decide not to book after our chat!

Up to 30 minutes FREE. No appointment necessary. Just call 0402 678 675.

Needs Assessment

I come to you and give you lots of tips and ideas on the spot (and in a follow-up, written report if you like) on how you can get more organised.

Perfect if you are highly motivated and want objective, professional advice to do some organising yourself or I might suggest this as an essential way to scope bigger or more complex organising projects.

  • Give me a tour
  • Tell me your challenges
  • Bounce your ideas off me
  • Brainstorm the possibilities
  • Clarify your goals and
  • Get a clear plan of action to implement

Appointments are for up to 90 minutes and your investment is $180.

Follow up appointments at $120 per hour are a great add-on to this service to keep you accountable, if you need that support too.

Onsite, Hands-on Organising and Decluttering 

This is where I come to you to help get your home or business sorted. We work together, usually across a number of sessions, decluttering, sorting and organising to achieve the vision you have for your space. I help you define your vision, show you what to do, help you do it and give you tips to maintain it. You’ll be revolutionised and so will your space.

Available in Melbourne, The Mornington Peninsula and West Gippsland.

$120 per hour. Minimum booking is 2 hours as it goes so fast… trust me!

Virtual Organising

Sessions via telephone, Facetime, Zoom or similar.

Perfect for anyone:

  • wanting support to DIY
  • living outside my service area
  • on a budget
  • wanting to dip their toe in the ‘organising’ water
  • needing help with the leftover/hard bits you haven’t been able to tackle yourself
  • maintaining their space after our hands-on organising sessions

These services start from a wallet-friendly $40 per half hour.

Not sure what service you need? Call me (Sophie) on 0402 678 675 and after a few simple questions, I’ll be able advise you on the best option for your goals and budget. Still not sure that getting Organised with me might be the best decision you ever make? Check this out.

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