What my clients have achieved

The value of a Professional Organiser is immeasurable in many regards. We don’t just put things in boxes and stick a label on them and we don’t make you throw anything out. Think of a Professional Organiser as you do a Personal Trainer. Some people achieve their fitness goals on their own, and others do better with help and guidance.

It’s been my privilege to have helped literally hundreds of people live a more organised life over the years. And yes, some items may be in boxes and the clients may have thrown some things away, but the value & impact goes way beyond that.

Some of the things my customers have achieved by bringing me in to help include:

  • getting rid of their storage unit
  • getting tax returns up to date
  • finding and recovering money (we’re talking in excess of $30,000 for one client alone)
  • a functional design to transform a bedroom into a home office
  • a pantry that’s to die for
  • a kitchen that’s a delight to cook in
  • freedom from paperwork
  • a functional wardrobe
  • ensuring nutritious meals are on the table every night
  • successfully downsizing
  • navigating the burden of a deceased estate
  • improved mental and physical health
  • more ‘me’ time
  • a productive office space
  • being able to sleep in their own bed again after many years of clutter taking over
  • ongoing diary/calendar management
  • a safer home to live in
  • a relaxing holiday knowing their business phones are being answered by a professional
  • improved business systems
  • improved business cash flow
  • submitting a PhD
  • getting finances back in order to satisfy debt collectors
  • improved relationships between husbands & wives and parents & children
  • avoiding the expense and effort of moving house after decluttering & organising
  • reclaiming a spare room
  • an attic conversion
  • yearly planning, goal setting and accountability
  • holding a successful garage sale
  • creating inspiring, relaxing and productive spaces
  • starting and growing many a business
  • better peace of mind
  • selling unwanted items
  • better ways of staying organised despite chronic disorders
  • changed outlook on life
  • landing their dream job
  • creating a foolproof system for dealing with paperwork
  • many successful house moves
  • more time with their young families
  • more confidence to tackle a project
  • saving time
  • maximising space
  • falling in love with their homes again

I can help you with your organising goals, regardless of the circumstances that you find yourself in. In fact, the bigger the ‘pickle’, the more I thrive!

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