Special New Year Offer for Family & Friends

family and friends

This time of year can be hard on the family and friends of someone who hoards. If you want to help your loved one start fresh in the New Year, this limited time offer from the amazing ladies at Hoarding Home Solutions is for you.

Hoarding Home Solutions for Family & Friends online training allows you to learn in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

The education includes:

  • how to engage your loved one, even if they’re resistant to help
  • strategies to keep them safe
  • decluttering techniques that protect your relationship and actually work

Until January 8, the usual price of $495 for Hoarding Home Solutions for Family & Friends is reduced to only $99.

Follow the above link, select the Family and Friends course and use Coupon Code: NewYear99

A note from Sophie: This is an affiliate link and I will receive a small payment if you decide to buy this course via the above link. I only recommend products that I know will benefit you or that I have used myself. I have personally completed the Service Provider version of this training to help my own clients and I know this training will be valuable to anyone who wants to help a loved one who hoards.

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COFC013_HHS-Course-Graduate-badge-x-3_IND-PROVIDERS_April18_FAHoarding is a complex community problem, requiring skilled practitioners to employ a fresh perspective for effective long-term results. Hoarding Home Solutions is a practical approach to this complex problem. It was developed to bridge the gap between hoarding research and practical application with clients.

Sophie Bland, founder of little miss sorted has demonstrated a commitment to her professional development and business by completing the Hoarding Home Solutions for Independent Service Providers training program. Graduates of Hoarding Home Solutions have gained the knowledge, skills and practical strategies to bring about change in a hoarded home with confidence and compassion, and in an industry where lack of training and self-regulation can often have negative consequences, especially in complex cases, this is much needed.

“I have over 10 years’ experience as a Professional Organiser however it is from that experience that I know time alone is not enough to tackle the complexity of Hoarding Disorder. Completing the Hoarding Home Solutions course has given me the practical tools and resources to compliment my experience, knowledge and years of practice to work for better outcomes in these complicated situations.”

Sophie from little miss sorted is dedicated to meeting people where they are at and providing services in a non-judgmental way.

“We are proud to offer the highest level of service to all our clients, regardless of their situation or need.”

If you, or someone you know needs organisational help, contact little miss sorted via their website www.littlemisssorted.com or call Sophie directly on 0402 678 675.