June Challenge Check-in

It’s June Challenge Check-in time! So, how are you going with this month’s declutter challenge?

I know some of you have been doing it because I’ve been getting photos via DMs which I’ve been loving.

I’ve seen beautifully organised offices, people are clearing out their wardrobe and sending bags of clothes off to charity. Others are decluttering their garages and one person is decluttering and packing up to move house!

So I know many of you will be on track as we touch base for our June Challenge Check-in. But I just wanted to encourage those of you that haven’t started yet because we’re over the halfway point of the month, so time’s ticking!

Pick one area of your home to declutter and tell me below which area it’s going to be so I can help hold you accountable. Then, go for it!

Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas for you, especially if you’re short on time:

  • Clear out your medicine cabinet. In Australia, old medications (i.e. expired or not required) can be taken to any pharmacy for proper, safe disposal
  • Go through your underwear drawer and banish any uncomfortable, holey and worn out items. H&M have boxes in store to recycle clothing & fabric to keep them out of landfill
  • Tame your reusable shopping bags. Decide how many you actually need and pop them in the boot of your car or near your door ready for the next shopping trip. Excess “green” bags (woven polypropylene bags) can be recycled via any Woolworths or Coles store through the REDcycle program

You can check out my previous episode of AlignMe TV below for tips on how you can go about the declutter, if you need some help. I also have some useful resources for getting rid of your decluttered items in the Free Resources section of my website.

And I would love to see your After photos when you get it done! You can post them on my Facebook Page or send them to me via DM if you prefer.

I can’t wait to hear all about your decluttering and organising! Good luck and have fun!

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