Decluttering Challenge: Top Tips

Decluttering Challenge: Top Tips

How’s your progress going on this month’s Declutter challenge?

If things haven’t gone to plan, all is not lost. Read on for my decluttering challenge top tips that will have you back on track faster than you can find a donation bag.

You see, I was talking to someone yesterday and they were feeling really discouraged.

They’d decided to declutter their wardrobe as part of this month’s declutter challenge but their month just hadn’t gone to plan.

So I gave her some of my decluttering challenge top tips and I thought I’d share them here too. Because there could be a lot of us who are feeling the same way after the month we’ve just had!

Here in Victoria, we’ve just had another lockdown (#4!) and I think some people equate lockdowns with having all this extra time on your hands. But really, what many of us have is extra time with the children, extra responsibilities (part-time teacher anyone?) and a lot of shuffling around of our calendars, priorities and responsibilities.

So if things haven’t quite gone to plan, whether it’s because you’ve gone into a lockdown, been unwell or perhaps life’s just got busy, I want to encourage you.

It’s not too late to start your decluttering challenge.

My decluttering challenge top tips

“Just start. Start with one drawer in your wardrobe. Or one shelf.”

Declutter Challenge Top Tips showing photo of various shelves in a wardrobe with caption that reads: Rather than your whole wardrobe, pick one drawer or one shelf to declutter.
Rather than your whole wardrobe, pick one drawer or one shelf to declutter.

Perhaps you had an idea that you were going to declutter a whole room or a large area. And now you’re feeling the pressure of time running out.

How could you pare that goal down and just pick one little place to start?

Another tip is to grab your phone and set a timer.

Set it for eight minutes. Or seven. Or ten. However long you want.

Or, why not put a playlist on Spotify that runs for 20 minutes, if you want.

Listen to some tunes, get yourself in the space and work on one drawer, one area, or set yourself a do-able limit and see how you go. Because even if you just get the shoes organised, at least you’ve got organised shoes!

And you might find that once you start, you’ve got the stamina to do a bit more. And if you don’t, that’s totally fine. At least you’ve done some decluttering this month.

So if you haven’t started your decluttering challenge yet, it’s not too late. You can still organise plenty of things in the little snippets of time you have left before month’s end.

So today, I’m encouraging you. If you did have plans to do some decluttering and it’s gone a bit off track, all is not lost. Jump back in and think about how you can move the goal posts a little so you’re in a winning position, and then go for it.

You can do this. I know you can!

And don’t forget to send me your after photos. I’m loving them!

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